Tips travel to Glasgow

Glasgow is one of largest city in Scotland even this city is third largest city in United Kingdom. In Britain, Glasgow become a center for culture, tourism and commerce, too. However, Glasgow has been called as City of Culture and also called City of Architecture.

If we want to travel to Glasgow from London, there is so many way to get there. It can be taken by road, by railway train or by air. There is a wide choice of direct flights from the rest of UK. This city serve by two international airports, Glasgow International Airport ( and Glasgow Prestwich Airport (, both with easy access to the center of city of Glasgow.

In another way to get there, from London’s Heathrow flying to Glasgow airport by many airline, such as British Airline, Ryan Air, EasyJet. The other way, if someone want to use train to Glasgow, it can get some information railway in website The ticket price from London to get to Glasgow is starting from £ 15 per one way.

Traveling from London to Glasgow take about 4.5 hours, there is so many optional railway train from London to Glasgow, like GNER (Great North Eastern Railway), Virgin Trains, National Rail Enquairies, and so on.

During in Glasgow, there is so many budget and affordable hotels, a really budget and affordable one is searching online and go to Glasgow hotels in This website can also help us for preparing booking hotels in other city like Edinburgh hotels and Aberdeen hotels.


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