Other side of London information

It might seem like a scary thing – moving to such a huge place, maybe without knowing a single soul – but London is so crammed full of travelers that it’s a very easy place to find your feet and get set up.

There is a well-established traveler’s community in London consisting mainly around the world who have come in search of good times and to earn the mighty UK pound. Because of this, London is a unique place for travelers to live and work as most people who come here on a two year working holiday visa tend to stay for the full two years. This gives you a chance to really get to know people over a long period of time, creating relationships and memories that really last.

London is a busy place but full of anything you could hope for. Any information you want can be found here somewhere – any news website, info website, specific media… anything! If you want them to be, every day can be filled with these information.

For looking for London news about hot topics in London, directly go to any cool website. Free wi-fi access information in London was informed in Londonist.com website. Other London Blog and London webzine can be easily found in internet. Visitlondon.com is official London website with information about accommodation, attractions, eve, food, shopping, etc.

If the city seems to be getting too much to bear, as it sometimes can, then there are loads of parks around and lots of places within the UK to escape to. Even better… flights between London and most major cities in Europe are cheap, so escaping for a weekend or longer isn’t going to blow your budget.


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