London can be extraordinary to explore


A city with such expression traits can be extraordinary to explore. There are so many things to ‘see’ and ‘do’ in London that when people spend their time to visit and look around a specific of London, but do not return from London without having tried such activities we should discover the beauty of this city.

When every people hear the words “Big Ben” they immediately imagine an image of the striking Victorian Gothic structure of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament (the Palace of Westminster). A Big Ben structure must be a famous sight seeing in London. This Big Ben Clock Tower is the world’s largest four-faced clock. The famous building is located at the north-eastern end of the House Parliament building in Westminter, London. This building is like an icon of London city itself. Here is the location of Big Ben.

Transportation to go to attractions place in London is so easy. Super fast underground subway (tube) will bring you along a fantastic place in London, such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Madame Tussaud meseum, etc. It’s all interesting place to see.

There is so many hotels for staying in London from a five star hotel until a hostel for backpacker. Try check cheaperthanhotels website if you want to find the best deal hotel during traveling in London and other city in England, likely Leed, Blackpool, Belfast, it will help us preparing our best traveling.

Always enjoy strolling in London, that’s pretty nice tourism place.



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