Singapore Great Sale, it’s time for shopaholic

Shopaholic in Asia region know what is the Singapore Great Sale event, annual event occur yearly in Singapore. For this year, Singapore Great Sale will happen from 23 May until 20 Jul 2008 where for the same time, all the shopping place will offer discount of price.

One of the famous road in Singapore “Orchard Road“, will be a central of interesting all the visitor and traveler from around the world. Everyone will join and enjoy the cutting price for the all goods, with up to 70% discount on a huge range of goods at thousands of shops in a city for great shopping. All branded goods is also unexceptional of cutting price for this event.

In the Great Singapore Sale, tempting credit cards and cash over counters across the city. There are enough offers, events and prize draws to satisfy even the most dedicated for shopaholic. If shopping is your thing, prepare for a six-week in May until Jul 2008 to join Singapore Great Sale.


The Great Singapore Sale is back in this year, for visitor out of Singapore need a planning for this travel and the visitor need to prepare about accommodation during in Singapore, such as preparing hotel, plane schedule, list of shop and map of city.

Where is the best deal hotel during traveling in Singapore? For booking a best price hotel, the recommendation is Singapore cheaperthanhotels website, it will help us preparing our traveling. Cheaperthanhotel can also help us for preparing a travel around Asia country, such as go to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

For this travel of Singapore Great Sale, a visitor should prepare a good physics for walking and an enough money for shopping. Yap, it’s time for shopaholic.



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